Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shetland Tea Shawl

I've just finished The Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Kiri Shawl

Yarn: Kidsilk Haze-- Color "Liqueur"

--The Purloined Letter

I'm out on the border, I'm walkin' the line

I finally made it to the edging!

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I'm about halfway through right now, and it's going much slower than I anticipated.

I really wanted to have this shawl off the needles by the end of the month. But now I'm not sure if I'm going to make it or not.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

FO Forest Path Stole

Hi people. I haven't updated my Forest Path Stole for a while, but here I am. It's done! I'm very happy with the result. It's big large, but that's OK. It's a shawl anyway. The details are on my blog.

pattern: interweave knits Summer 2003
Needle: Denise US 8, Bryspun US 8 dpns
Yarn: KnitPicks Shadow- Oregon Coast

I'm in love with lace, but my blocking process (for shawls especially) is not as good as I want it to be, but I'm not too worried. It will get better in time. My next lace projects are the Starburst Sweater from KnitPicks, and Rose Basket Shawl from Fiber Trends


another lace wip

I just can't stop starting stuff at the moment. Got 2 or is it 3 other lace shawl wips on the go at the moment but last wee k Ijsut had to start another one. I've been wanting to design a triangular top down shawl for a while but have never knitted them before so was unsure of the constructions. But I got that sorted out and started looking for a pattern that would fit and this zig zag lace pattern fitted perfectly with some adjustment. The yarn is Sophia 4py (100% cashmere) from Posh Yarn and is gorgeous to knit with. Althoug h Inormally prefer brighter colours. Not decided on what to do with the border yet but I'm enjoying knitting this. It's good when I need soemthing easy to d othat doesn't need too much concentration.


Feather and Fan scarf

Here we have a finished Feather and Fan scarf/stole. It's about 72 inches long, and 15.5 inches wide. The yarn is Knit Picks' Alpaca Cloud in Mist.

This is the same pattern I'm using for my grey alpaca scarf/stole. I plan for my current one to be about 23 inches across, once blocked to size.

My close friends all want one of these, in this same stitch. I'm thinking I will be spending the rest of 2007, knitting these for my friends.



Friday, February 23, 2007

Arctic Diamonds Stole

Hi, I joined this KAL a month or two ago but I haven't posted yet because I can't seem to get a good picture of the lace I'm knitting. It is the Arctic Diamonds Stole by Donna Druchunas in the IK Winter '06 issue. This is with two out of five repeats of the pattern done. I am using some variegated fingering weight yarn that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool a couple of years ago. I think it will be pretty when it is done and blocked but right now it doesn't look like much! Come by and see me at The Quiet Knitter.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

De-lurking, right now!

Hi, I'm Felicia, and I blog over at Isis Rising. I've been lurking around this KAL for quite awhile, and I finally joined last month. It seems I always have something lace and socks on the needles. A couple of weekends ago, I finished a pair of lacy socks:

The pattern for the socks is the one Sivia Harding used in her Gothic Leaf Lace stole. I love that lace pattern, and it makes for a great pair of socks. The yarn is Knit Picks' Essential, in a very boring taupe color. The lace pattern takes a dull yarn, and makes it happy! As soon as my darling mother saw them, in progress, she tried them on. I finished them up to her size, and now she thinks they're too pretty to wear!

I love to make rectangular lace scarves, using a feather-n-fan stitch. I made one for my aunt as a Christmas present, and everyone is still raving over it. Monday, I started on one for myself:

I'm using size 5 needles, and Knit Pick's Alpaca Cloud in Smoke. Here's a closeup of the feather-n-fan:

Every time I stop by this blog, I see so many beautiful lace patterns, I've got a big wish list of stuff I want to knit!

Happy lace knitting!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

evil sheep

I have reached the sheep on teh Sheep Shawl, and am beginning to regret my initial excitement at knitting them.

They are kicking my butt.
Hard core.

So far I have gotten half way through a row, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES only to discover I messed up a stitch count somewhere at the very beginning and need to tink all the way back.
Did I mention each pattern row takes roughly half an hour to complete now?

My biggest problem is they are not all neat and geometric like the rest of the patterns, so I'm having a more difficult time reading my knitting than I was before, so I don't notice the mistakes sooner.

Le sigh.

Luckily after the first few hellacious rows I'm getting better at reading the knitting and predicting how their little sheepy shapes are formed. Here you can see the leg-less sheep in all their evil splendor.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(the shawl is getting quite large and it is becoming more and more difficult to photograph it well.)

Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Back - Lock up your needles!

Hey all - Just wanted to pop in & say hello, since I'm finally back online. So, for a quick update - I am about halfway through the 4th repeat on my CandleFlame shawl (this thing's taking forever, but will be worth it). My new goal is to have it ready to wear to my sister's wedding at the end of June. Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Branching Out Lace Scarf

I am new to this Lace Shawl KAL and thanks for Danielle inviting me to be one of the members.This is my blog.Welcome you all to visit and know me.

I've finished this Branching Out for a while .It caught my eyes, when the first time I saw it in Knitty.So gorgeous, elegant,and lovely.It soon became my top priority over others on needles.Friendly and clear insturctions made it an easy project to knit.Since in Taiwan, the weather is alway hot and humid, wool is a bit too warm here so cotton yarn is my best choice.

For lace patterns,I prefered to use fingering weight yarn with larger needles (4mm circle needle for this pattern), which could show YOs more obviously.I only used up one skein of this light pink cotton yarn and spent two weeks finishing it.But the hard blocking job was going to start,I knelt down on the floor,carefully stretching and agressively pinned the scarf.After kneeing down for 30 mins on floor,I felt like it's hardly to stand up!

This Branching Out was going to give to my duaghter's teacher as a birthday gift,since she was so nice and kind to my daughter.She was so surprised to receive this gift and loved it!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another lace shawl on the needles.

I cast on for this yesterday (or was it the day before?). It's in Posh Yarn's Sophia 2ply (cashmere) which is so lovely, soft and delicate to knit with. The design is interlocking diamonds and adapted from a stitch pattern book I've got. Not sure whether or not to add a border when it's done or just to use the mesh border I'm knitting on as I go. Decisions, decisions. This is a design I've been thinking of for a while and thought I might as well get on with doing it.

Also thinking about casting on for Swallowtail Shawl as I want t olearn how to do the neck down triangular construction which the Swallowtail Shawl has. I've got some ideas for designs for neck down triangular shawls but not sure of the construction yet.

Also cast on for a shrug/wrap today. I'm using Posh Yarn again this time Sophia (cashmere) 4ply. Again it's lovel yand soft. I'm suing an elongated stitch for this design and making it up as Igo. Not lace exactly but wanted to show it off anyway.


Second Repeat is done

Grin as you can see I will have to find something new to pin this shawl out on after the next repeat is finished.

This repeat took a bit longer as I actually dropped some stitches in the border and had to frog back about 5 rows to get everything fixed and back on track.

One nice thing about this pattern is for all its complicated looks it is quite simple. I would actually recommend it to novice lace knitters!

Oh GRIN can you tell I cleaned the lens on my camera ;-)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Diamond Fanatasy Shawl

WOW This is knitting up much faster then I expected. ;-) But then I have been working on it alot. This yarn is so yummy and the pattern just keeps encouraging you to knit another row to see how the diamonds are forming.

I have finished my first repeat of chart B. Only 5 more repeats to go for the scarf size. Tonight at work during breaks I will double check my stitch count and then start chart B for the second time.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Lace shawl finially started

After many false starts I finially got a shawl started. This is the Diamond Fantasy Shawl from Siva Harding. I am using some pink silk/alpaca handspun from my friend Shelly of Rose Garden Fibers. She does a wonderful job with her handspinning and I really enjoy using her yarns.

This is at the end of chart A. The picture does not do the actual color justice as it actually is pink.

This photo of the hank of yarn shows the color much more accuratly. I have just over 450 yards of this lovely soft yarn so will be able to make a nice sized shawlette from it for our local county fair. Grin at least I hope to have it done by August.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nearly Done

Either later tonight, or first thing tomorrow, I'll be done with my Half Circle Fan Lace Shawl! Whoopie!!! Also tomorrow I get to go to the LYS for some much needed "S-N-B" time. I called ahead today to make sure that Fran, the owner, would be able to help me block the shawl and she said she would. So I'll try to get a picture of it then and post it. I can hardly wait. I am wanting to wear this shawl to ds#1's colloge graduation on May 5th. (Now I have time to try to fine someting funky to wear with the shawl, hey it's an art colloge afterall!)


Monday, February 05, 2007

slow progress

This past week I haven't gotten much knitting on the sheep shawl done, I'm been having familial problems and have been away.

But once I got home as was able to relax I got back to the sheep shawl.
Even with a week long break I'm making pretty good progress:

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I've finished the village and the sunflowers and am ready to start the first grass chart before the sheep! So excited!

Branching Out

Now my Branching out is finished. I'm really pleased with the pattern. Simlpe and easy to use.
But I've already started on a new projekt, A shawl from the book A gathering of lace. For those who has the book it's the circular shawl on page 38. I'm using Naturgarns U162 and needles nr 3,5 mm witch I bought on on Syfestivalen last november.
Here is my finished 'Victorian Lace Today' 'Alpine Lace' scarf. It's knitted in Posh Yarn's Sophia 2ply (laceweight cashmere) and is supersoft. I used 3 skeins (55gr and 400 yards each) and only had a tiny bit leftover. I knitted it quite a bit longer than in the book and it's a bit wider too. I love it. It's been used a lot this weekend and is so snuggly.

And here is two hats knitted it the same (almost) pattern as my Falling in Love Socks. they're adult hats but modelled on my daughter (who is 9). The free pattern will be on mywebsite (Anni Design) this evenign or tomorrow.
GarnStudio's Alpaca 4ply/fingering weight.

And here it is in Jaeger Merino 4ply/fingering weight. This model has 10 rounds less before decreasing and was too small for me but fitted my daughters perfectly. The Jeger knitted up much better than the Alpaca. Much better definition.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feather n Fan

I have decided to set aside the "must" do knitting for awhile and do some purely selfish knitting. I am working on my feather n fan half circle lace shawl from "Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls" by Martha Waterman.

I am using Gossamer from KnitPicks in Sweat Peas colorway, you can find a link to the yarn here if I posted it right, ( Knit PicksYarns&lineName=&itemName=Sweet Peas ).

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Latest lace shawl wip

After much considerations and swatching (see my blog for details if you're interested) I've finally decided that this gorgeous cashmere/silk yarn form Posh will become a Syrian Shawl form Victorian Lace Today. And here is what I've done so far. It's quite a different look from the one in the book. In the book it's knitted in Kidsilk Haze on 4.5mm needles. I've used a 4ply yarn on 4mm needles which makes it look completely different. I do like it though. Especially the way it shows off the colours of the yarn.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lace socks - my design

I know this is a lace shawl kal but i just have to show you all this and it is lace. It's my 'Falling in Love' socks with lace hearts published in MagKnits today. It's my first magazine publication so I'm really, really excited.

Also a quick pic of something I was swatching this morning. The yarn is Posh Yarn's Helena 4ply (sock weight). Fairly thick yarn for 4ply though. I love the yarn and love the pattern but not sure if the two go together. Or shall I use some pale pink lace weight cashmere? Can't decide.

and here is the pink cashmere: