Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Spring Shawls

Here are two triangular shawls I finished in the last few days. The green one is for me; it's Evelyn Clark's Shetland Triangle Shawl from Wrap Style, knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. The pink one is a gift. It's knit in Malabrigo laceweight; I designed it following the guidelines in Evelyn Clark's wonderful book, Knitting Lace Triangles.

I love the range of lace. The Shetland in Ultra Alpaca Light is warm and cozy, substantial but not heavy. The Malabrigo is as light as air. Best of all, it came out just the right size for the recipient.

Lots of pretty finished shawls

But I am still plugging away on the wedding shawl for my best friend. It has to be finished by July 9th. The pattern is wonderful, the silk is beautiful so why am I am beginning to loathe working on it?

I am about halfway through the charts. Next row will get another lifeline.

Pattern: Queen Anne's Lace by MMario

Yarn: 8/56 Silk from ColourMartUK

Needles: size 6 Knit Picks Harmony

Stitch markers made just for this shawl by Knitjwelry on Etsy. Most of the markers (30 some odd total) are natural stone.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just finished up a new lace stole pattern, Dulcavina. You can see more pictures of it on my blog, and on Ravelry. All my test knitters did the stole in one color, instead of two like I did. Kathryn is the only one with photos up yet.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Hemlock

Don't youlove it!

And I threw it on a girl at my LYS and it looks GREAT as a shawl!

I think I might have to make a few more of these!

Monday, May 05, 2008


This is "Mohana". Monika ( designed this one and had me testknit it for her. It's really great to knit and the mediumweight Fingering Sock yarn from Maggie ( made this one fast to knit. I used my size 5 (3.75mm) KP options needles for this one and blocked and all finished it measures a good 40 x80 inches. Big enough to snuggle in. The color is called Winter Violet and just down my alley.
The pattern, once Monika releases it, can be found on her blog or over at Ravelry. Just punch in "Mohana" or "yarnloopie" and you'll find it for sure.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Mystic Light, Pretty as a Peacock, Hyrna Herborgar

I've been real bad in updating here so you can se what I've been up for a while, but here are my latest projects. More you can see on my blog.

Mystic Light

Pretty as a Peacock

Hyrna Herborgar