Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hi...I'm Jeanette, posting here for the first time - in my first KAL. I started Madli's Shawl (from Interweave) a few months back in ColourMart's laceweight cashmere in a soft putty Verdigras color. I've done lace scarves or simpler lace shawls, and lots of lacework in bulkier yarns in my own sweater designs, but Madli will be what I consider my first lace shawl (in laceweight yarn). I'm working on a size 3 needle which is quite a stretch for me since I am normally the type who can stick with a project for about 2 weeks before I max out on it. I put this shawl away while I worked on all the Christmas knitting, and then after Christmas, I came back to her. The first thing I thought was to frog her, double strand the yarn, and do something else. But a few emails from other knitters kept me from doing so.

Today I picked her up and found my place in the pattern and began knitting again. I'm on the 8th repeat of 26, so I have a ways to go. She is so beautiful and will be worth the work I put into her. I'm having difficulty with those nubbies [(k1,yo)3x, k1)], on next row p7 together. They aren't consistent....and those stitches are slippery as I gently slide them on top of each other. Any hints would be much appreciated.

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