Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Baby Shawl

Here is my baby shawl. The pattern is Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket. It was in the spring 1997 issue of Interweave Knits. The magazine is sold out and out of print but I know that Interweave will sell the pattern separately. The measurements are 54.5" by 46". I used a yarn by Schoeller called Hobby and it took almost 11 balls and was knit with 4mm needles. Now I'm knitting another one for my other son that is expecting his first baby in May using a fingering weight yarn and 3.75mm needles.

Branching out

I've started to knit Branching Out from Knitty. It's small and fast project and exactly what I need. And I still have some of my red Hifa Kamgarn Tynt left. That yarn seems never to run out. I count it to be enough for this project.

Can A Baby Blanket Count?

I am just wondering. Can a baby blanket count? Can we call it a baby shawl? That's the only knitting I'm getting done. I just finished my first of two that must get done. It's lace and it's really pretty. Details are on my blog.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Making Progress

I intended to start my shawl about two weeks ago, but when I read about the request for fun fur hats (, I decided to devote a languishing skein of Cherry Tree Hill's faux colorway to the effort. After a week making four hats, I started my Seraphim shawl:

I'm up to the lacy part now. I've been a little concerned that the stockinette wouldn't block out so that it makes a beautiful solid panel, but I did block a swatch, which seems to even out the stitches. I also started this with Addis and then switched to my treat for 2006--Colonial Rosewood needles (US 5s). I never knit with them before, and they are fantastic. It is too bad they're so expensive or I'd order them in more sizes.

This is not a difficult shawl, but when I saw the pattern, I thought it was perfect for this stash yarn. I have not found all this stockinette boring because I know that the lace border is coming. Also, I want to convert the knit together stitches so I can continue to knit this using the combined method, my method of choice. This is only the fourth shawl I've made, and I used continental for the others. I find that combined works better for me.

I have a question for all you experienced shawl knitters. What sort of handbag do you wear when you have ths shawls on? I tend to like shoulder bags for the most part, but they are very unattractive with a shawl draped over them. And doesn't a bag that sits on your forearm make an equally unattractive bulge there?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Rona Lace Shawl is done

May I present:

My very own Rona Lace Shawl. This took me about a month to finish it, but now it's done. It was a generous christmas gift from Keri, thank you very much. The pattern is from Knit Picks and it was knitted with 3 skeins (about 1 oz was left over) Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard on american size 5 (3,75mm) interchangable cables from Knit Picks in 24 and 32" size and a size D crochet hook. Don't ask me how many stitches there are all together, but I know there were over 1,000 stitches on the cable by the time I was at the end.

Here are some close up pics:

I hope the finished shawl is an inspiration for all those that wanted to knit it, but have been to scared or who left this project slip into the UFO box. It's absolutely doable and the crochet edging is a little different for me, but not really a problem at all, just a little time consuming.


Hi, I'm new

Hi, I only discovered this blog a few days ago and after a read I had to join. I taught myself to knit lace stitches last summer. For some reason I struggled with getting yo right. I love knitting lace stuff now. I've designed several socks with lace and cables which I love.
I'm working on a very simple lace shawl in cashmere 4ply (sock weight) which I've designed myself. I've come much further on than in the picture but I need some circulars to get a proper picture. Ive ordered some and they've been posted today so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I'm also working on a scarf from 'Lavish Lace'. I started this months ago, then ran out of yarn. It took me a long time to get another skein and by then I'd moved on to some serious sock design and lost interest. I will finish this and think it'll be for my mum for birthday (inNovember) or Christmas, so plenty of time to finish it. I can't find where I've stored the pic for it on my pc but go to my blog and you can see a pic inth eside bar under wips.

I've also cast on for this a few days ago. It's just a very simple yo,k2tog pattern knitted in silk boucle. I love the colour. This is my easy project at the moment for when I can't concentrate or want to be sociable.

This is my main project these days. The 'Alpine' scarf from 'Victorian Lace Today' which is abrilliant book. However, when I took this picture about 20 mins ago I had a real shock as I laid the shawl out. Do you see the different colours? It's where I started the 2nd skein. The yarn is hand dyed cashmere and I've got 3 skeins, used 2 so far. In the skein they all looked the same and I didn't notice this until now. I'm devastated. I've worked so hard on this. What to I do??? I've got the last skein out to check which colour it comparest to. If it's different than both or the same as the first skein, perhaps i can get away with saying it's supposed to be like that. I'm quite disappointed really as the skeins were bought together and I tought they were more or less the same. I've got some other skeins in other colours for other projects which are bought together but I may be more careful now using them for one project in case it happens again.
This is a scarf I finsihed from 'Lavish Lace' a week ortwo ago. It's for my gran forher birthday in March.

Monday, January 22, 2007

sheep update!

As I gather my things together for my local knit night I realize that it's time for another sheep shawl update!

I have made it to the village; you can just see the rooftops peeking over the horizon.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I had a few rough spots in the orchard, mostly me forgetting to pay attention until I'm half a row away and have to tink back and fix my mistakes.

I'm about 44% finished with the shawl, and I just weighed my skein of Zephyr and I'm only one oz in. This means I should have plenty of yarn left over!

Looking at it right now it looks a bit loose and sloppy to me, but when I stretch it out the patterns look much better; so while I'm not completely happy with it right now I think it will even out and look much nicer once I'm finished and can block it.

cashmere skaska warm shawl

I finally "officially" finished - read blocked- my skaska warm scarf. I am still having a terrible time photographing it! I was surprised at how much give the cashmere had - it gained 3" x amost 6" with the blocking and the feel of the yarn totally changed. It plumped up and really softened up. I am so pleased and now I can go back to wearing the scarf while it is still cold. I will be casting on for my EZ pie are square shawl soon!

Have a great week!

note - sorry, I did not give much information about this shawl, so here are all the detail that I omitted. This shawl was from a russian lace knitting class that I took from Galina Skaska. I am sure the pattern is in one of her books, but I do not know which one. It is knit out of two strands of lace weight cashmere on a size two needle. The pattern called for a size three needle on a single strand, but I wanted a warm functional piece. The best part of knitting this shawl/scarf is that the border was knit onto the piece as you went, so when you were done with the shawl, there were 8 stitches to graft and an end to weave. Her method for turning the corners with borders using short rows, just like socks, is so great, I am now re-writing another shawl pattern so that I can knit it in one piece as well. She also taught us how to block a shawl using nylon cord through all the points to make it easier, which was a huge help with all the points on this shawl. I hope that helps. I am very excited to be taking another lace class from Galina at the Lace Symposium in Denver in April you can check it out here - it looks like a great group of classes and teachers!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Hey there!

I just joined this knit along... and am loving it. I'm 24 and live outside of DC and hope to bring shawls back into style! hahahaha

I'm currently working on the Garden Lace Shawl from Elann in deep hunter green.

check out my blog at


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Karabella - Leaf Lace Shawl almost done!

Hi Everyone,

After reading and looking at all the pictures of your awesome lacey shawls --it wasn't long before I felt inspired to pick up my poorly abandoned Leaf Lace Shawl by Karabella. I cast on for this last Summer using a worsted weight yarn by Pear Tree and suddenly got side-tracked with other projects. Then came all the holiday knitting.
As soon as I came across this KAL I knew I had to join to keep myself on track with my lace... Here is the most recent picture of my shawl from this weekend. I have about another 15 rows to go - Yay!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Rona Lace Update

For everyone that has been missing me (yeah right) I just wanted to let you know that I finally followed the wave and moved over to the new blogger. This was the reason why I didn't post on this blog for a while. Now I'm back.

I didn't want to bore you with pictures of an unfinished project, but to follow my progress you can check out my blog. Right now I'm on row 121 of 153 and my shawl doesn't look so impressive at all. I have people asking me, if I'm knitting a bag! No, it's a round shawl and won't they all be surprised when it emerges in all it's beauty. Hopefully that won't take that much longer and I can post a picture of the finished shawl. Bare with me and keep checking in with me. I'm knitting as fast as I can.

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Peacock Feathers is Finished! (almost)

Except for blocking, the Peacock Feathers Shawl that I knit for my friends wedding is finished!
Stats and more photos are on my blog

Wool Peddler's Shawl

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I finally have some progress to show. I have not started on my Russian Faux Stole, as I decided to start with a simpler project and tackle that one later down the road. I did, however, finish the Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls. I'm going to have to build up the stamina to work on a project with several hundred stitches on the needles, I can see. Even with the about 350 that this project had, I was getting bored with the repetitive pattern of the knitting. I'm excited about the finished product, though, and can't wait to cast on my next one.
(cross-posted on my blog)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quick question

Hi everyone - Just wondering if I could get some ideas from you all. I recently picked up a skein of Seasilk (using a gift card I got for Christmas - my SIL knows me well!) and want to make myself something really special (preferably a shawl). The problem is that I'm not sure if I will have enough for anything, or if I need to get more of it. The skein has 440 yds (I think), and I am not familiar enough with shawl or stole patterns to know if there are any that use anywhere near that amount.

On the WIP front, I'm finally making some serious progress on my "modified" candleflame shawl. I'm really liking how it's turning out (I have about 1/3 of it done now) and will post pics for you to see once I get more film.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

The sheep shawl

Howdy! Thanks for letting me join, and as in intro I thought I would show you what I'm working on right now:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It's the Sheep shawl from Fiber Trends

This isn't my first lace shawl, but it is my first 'professional' lace shawl, all my others have been designed by me.

I'm having a lot of fun with it so far, and it's going very quickly.

I'm in love with the yarn, Jaggerspun Zephyr, it's some of the most delicious lace weight I've ever worked with!

I'm ready for more lace...

I had taken a break from my work on my Shetland Lace Tea Shawl to become more familiar with working from a chart - thus far I had converted the charts to text, but I'm on the third of three patterns, the diamond Maderia pattern and it has something like 36 rows! I thought it best just to learn from a dang chart! LOL! So after a few small charted projects - I'm gonna jump in!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shawls for 2007

Thanks for letting me join the KAL. I've been knitting for a long time, but I'm new to blogging. I hope to make a few shawls this year. The first will use yarn that I've had for a long time--since 1984! It is a wool-kid mohair mix:

I plan to use it for Miriam Felton's Seraphim Shawl, which you can see at:

Since I'm new to blogging, and my blog is on Typepad, I don't yet know how to create links in Blogger.

I've done my sample swatch, but it isn't blocked yet. One reason I picked this shawl, aside from liking its appearance, is that I'm a combined knitter. Until now, I've switched to continental style for lace so the stitches would be positioned the "right way" for instructions to Ktog. But this shawl has a lot of stockinette, which I plan to do in combined style, and I may rewrite the lace directions so I can do the increases and decreases in combined style as well.

Monday, January 08, 2007

my first lace scarf of the year....

Not as fancy as so much of what I have seen here. But I am in love with this scarf, so I wanted to post it. It is a possum merino blend knit on size five needles in 5 days. It is 68" long and 6 1/2" wide, made from the diagonal lace pattern. There is more info on my blog.
Have a great week!

ps- here is the link for the pattern - I didn't see any need to have a nasty seam down the middle so I knit it all in one piece. And I just found out from the manufacture that my yarn skein was 460 yards - so the scarf took about 430 yards in a light sport weight with a size 5 needle and I added one lace repeat to each row - if you make it please post, I would love to see some others!

Friday, January 05, 2007

So happy to join in on the fun!

Thanks for letting me join! I love knitting lace and just finished a Shetland Lace shawl for my mother as a birthday present last month. I will have to decided over the next couple of days what my next lacey project will be.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Almost done!

I finished the body of my shawl from Lavish Lace, now all I have to do is edge it, wash it, and block it!

And I'm going to keep it for ME, at least till someone



Thank you for accepting me in this KAL. I finished an Icarus Shawl (by Miriam Felton) last November. It was my first shawl and first lace project, but I enjoyed it so much that it won't be my last. To help myself follow the different stages and charts, I made a kind of progress sheet that you can download from my blog. My next knitting effort will either go to another Icarus in a different color or a Swallowtail - I'm still making up my mind and find your photos very inspiring.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lace shawl is coming along

Details & photo on my blog!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Rona Lace Picture

I guess Santa was good to me this year after all. I guess he found my gift in his sled when he was cleaning it out and I found a new digicam under my tree yesterday, after I got home from work. Now I can take a picture of my Rona Lace Shawl and show off my progress. Well, I didn't have much time to play with my new toy yet and the shawl is getting to that point where it's hard to take a good picture, because all it looks like is a wadded up mess. The picture actually states my progress at about row 35 last night. By now I prgresses to row 46 and I love it so far. There is no getting bored with it so far and even though I realize that the rounds will take longer as it gets bigger, I see myself finishing this shawl in a short time. Hooray for interesting patterns. Thanks for checking in and following my knitting.