Sunday, February 25, 2007

another lace wip

I just can't stop starting stuff at the moment. Got 2 or is it 3 other lace shawl wips on the go at the moment but last wee k Ijsut had to start another one. I've been wanting to design a triangular top down shawl for a while but have never knitted them before so was unsure of the constructions. But I got that sorted out and started looking for a pattern that would fit and this zig zag lace pattern fitted perfectly with some adjustment. The yarn is Sophia 4py (100% cashmere) from Posh Yarn and is gorgeous to knit with. Althoug h Inormally prefer brighter colours. Not decided on what to do with the border yet but I'm enjoying knitting this. It's good when I need soemthing easy to d othat doesn't need too much concentration.



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