Sunday, February 18, 2007

Branching Out Lace Scarf

I am new to this Lace Shawl KAL and thanks for Danielle inviting me to be one of the members.This is my blog.Welcome you all to visit and know me.

I've finished this Branching Out for a while .It caught my eyes, when the first time I saw it in Knitty.So gorgeous, elegant,and lovely.It soon became my top priority over others on needles.Friendly and clear insturctions made it an easy project to knit.Since in Taiwan, the weather is alway hot and humid, wool is a bit too warm here so cotton yarn is my best choice.

For lace patterns,I prefered to use fingering weight yarn with larger needles (4mm circle needle for this pattern), which could show YOs more obviously.I only used up one skein of this light pink cotton yarn and spent two weeks finishing it.But the hard blocking job was going to start,I knelt down on the floor,carefully stretching and agressively pinned the scarf.After kneeing down for 30 mins on floor,I felt like it's hardly to stand up!

This Branching Out was going to give to my duaghter's teacher as a birthday gift,since she was so nice and kind to my daughter.She was so surprised to receive this gift and loved it!


Blogger Bonnie said...

What a thoughtful gift. It's lovely!

8:28 AM  
Blogger Anni said...

beautiful scarf.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Kinderhook said...

I'm making this scarf now. It's taking me a while because it's my first lace project and I keep making mistakes. But I'm getting better as I go. Yours is beautiful! --Sally

9:31 PM  

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