Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Amazing Lace - Two of a Kind

This shawl came off the blocking wires today. There will be two versions of this shawl. This version has a leaf lace pattern each side with a flower lace pattern in the middle. The other version will have a leaf lace pattern in the middle and flower lace pattern each side. It's knitted from the top down starting with just a few stitches.

This one is knitted by Pixie in YarnAddict Yarns Cashmere Lace and only used 100 gr. The other version is being knitted in Luscious Lace (cashmere silk) and I'm about halfway through it. The pattern will be available soon and I'm planning to use this design as one of the patterns for my new Lace Variety Club.

More pics on my blog.


Blogger Rina said...

Very pretty! Ah so many lace patterns out there, too little time.

10:34 PM  

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