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Shawl Suggestions Needed

I'm a new member to this KAL, and need some shawl suggestions. The mother of a close friend was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. I live too far away to bring a casserole to show my support, so I've asked if I could knit her something. My friend, her son, says that he thinks she would like a shawl, and that her favorite color is red. This is where I need your help.

Do you have any favorite small-medium shawl patterns or (red) shawl yarn? I've knit a few simple lace patterns on scarves before, and am up for the challenge of something a little tricky. That being said, I'd like to have a project that I can finish in a timely manner. The last caveat is that I'm in graduate school, so time is a little short, as is my cash flow for really expensive yarn.

Thanks for all of your suggestions, and I look forward to sharing my project progress once I begin!



Blogger Helga Finch-Fletchley said...

I'm not sure how quickly you need the yarn, but both the Loopy Ewe and Sarah's Yarns are inexpensive if you're looking for laceweight. You can get 2 oz of Zephyr for about 6 dollars from Sarah. The Loopy Ewe has skeins of lane borgesia for 13.00 each. Simple patterns include the Kiri shawl, which is free and simple. Also check They have some free shawls patterns, along with

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Blogger CozyStitches said...

I say Forest CAnopy Shawl. It's easily memorized but fun still. Pair it up with some Schaefer Anne (one skein will make a small shawl) and it's wonderful! :) I've bought Schaefer Anne on eBay with good results. :)

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Blogger Hattie said...

I second the sarahs yarns comment. The zephyr wool silk is gorgeous and shimmery and so soft after blocking.

Forest canopy is an easy shawl, and so is the spring things shawl, and they are by the same designer. You can find them here:

Good luck!

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Blogger KnitNana said...

I've knit the Queen of Hearts shawl (a triangle by Fiber Trends) in KnitPicks Merino Style in Hollyberry - a rich shade of red that leans to wine. The knit is not difficult, the yarn is soft and warm, it blocks deliciously. And the heart motif would show your concern for her.

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Blogger Ceme Knits said...

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Blogger Ceme Knits said...

My suggestions:
Shawl - "Half" pi shawls are really quick and easy and beautiful. Elizabeth Zimmerman created the Pi Shawl - check out Knitters Almanac and just do a half instead of the entire.

Yarn - I love Schaeffer Anne (look for a red varigation - one skein cost about $25, but you only need one) or Koigu (again a red varigation - you will need at least 400 yards - three skeins at $12 ea), both are machine washable and require little blocking. Or my all time favorite Jaggerspun Zephyr (Cinnabar - $8 for about 2 ounces that's all you'll need for single, 4 ounces for doubled - $16) singled and it'll be lovely and light as a feather, doubled lovely as well and a little warmer.

Check out
for mail order, its easy and you will be up and knitting in a few days and the bigger the needles the faster it knits up.

Happy knitting!

Cecelia a/k/a Ceme Knits

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Blogger Laura said...

I just finished knitting a shawl with two 2-ounce balls of Zephyr Wool-Silk that I got from Shipping is always free at The Knitter, and the yarn was only $16.00. Total. The yarn I used is on this page, and it comes in some lovely shades of red. The shawl knit up like a dream with this yarn.

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Blogger dorothy in wyoming said...

The Feather and Fan Comfort shawl at is made with DK weight. This lovely pattern actually can be made in just about any weight yarn.

I found it an easy knit and with heavier yarn a faster knit then some options listed here. You can also have fun mixing and matching yarns and colors in shades of red if you want. javascript:void(0)
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