Sunday, September 16, 2007

Faroe Islands Kiri

Yesterday a friend and I took a trip to a smaller city about an hour away from where we lived to check out the yarn stores there, and to my great joy I found laceweight yarns! It was only in unbleached white, about 700 meters pr 100 grams and a mix of wool from the Faroe Islands, Shetlands and Australia. I`m in løøøv. It is called Navia, by the way.
I started a Kiri shawl with it. I guess i`ll dye it later. I am probably going to give this one away to a friend who is having a baby soon and I want to squeeze her for her favorite color to make it just perfect.
I am making the shawl on 4,5mm needles but I think I should have gone down a half size. That`ll be a lesson for the next shawl.
I usually knit in the evenings and sometimes I make stupid mistakes. I have a new sudokupen from Penol that is great for just making a line over the rows I allready made. The pen has a white tip at the other side, like a regular marker, that neutralizes the ink. I love it! I haven`t dared using it in my books yet, but the copys doesn`t seem to suffer any damages. I don`t need to sharpen my pencil and worry about who stole my erasers and the best of it; no rubber residue around the sofa!


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