Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's funny...

I'm the host of this KAL, and yet I've neglected to post any of the shawls I've knit in the past year or so. I thought I'd remedy that oversight and show you what I've sent out in the past year. I seem to have this flaw where all of my intricate knitting is for other people (something else that needs to be remedied in the near future I suppose). Anyhow, the work that I've done...

Flower Basket Shawl Detail
A Flower Basket Shawl(ette) for my mom in law; blogged here.

Seraphim for my grandmother in law; blogged here.

A SwallowTail Shawl for my aunt in law; blogged here.

Heartland Lace Shawl
A Heartland Lace Shawl for a good friend on her wedding day; blogged here.

Butterfly Rivers
Right now I'm working on this scarf for a friend who's made me feel so welcome in our new(ish) country; blogged here.

Next in my queue is a Shetland Triangle for another aunt in law. Then either Anne's Wing 'o the Moth Shawl or Jane Sowerby's Hexagonal Spider's Web Shawl for myself. That is of course, if I can ever clear all of the gift knits from my queue; which is unfortunately yet to be determined.
The drool over those two shawls is liable to drown me in the meantime... oh well, at least the interim knitting is engaging. :)



Blogger Marjorie said...

How lovely they all are--and I enjoyed looking at the other photos on your blog. If you start Wing of the Moth, please show it. I hope to do that one later in the year (after Bee Fields), and I'd like to see your progress.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Rina said...

WOW. Great photos of your lace shawls. I haven't thought about giving a shawls to a family member. I would love to if they take care of it.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Knitting Morgana said...

They all seem so perfectly knitted. Sure everyone the shawls have gone to are really happy.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Sissel said...

Your photos are really beautiful. The knitting too, of course.
I`ve allways taken full capture photos, but the details come more alive this way. Great job!

1:01 AM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Thank you! <3

Marjorie: I'm going with the Wing of the Moth, there's just *something* about it. I'll be sure to take photos and post them in a timely manner. :)

Rina: The family members and friends they go to seem to love them, and store them wrapped in acid free tissue paper in lidded boxes. It works well for me since I love to knit lace, but don't really have many places to wear the shawls.

Morgana: lol! There's a mistake in each one except the Swallow Tail (and thats only because I caught the mistake early on). ;) It's all in how you photograph them.

Sissel: I like the detail photos because it's what I really like to see from other knitters. In most product photos they show the whole thing but they almost never do close ups to show you the stitch patterns; it used to frustrate me to no end.

cheers everyone,

3:30 PM  

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