Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Diamond Fantasy

Is finally off the needles whew and not a moment too soon. At one point I was not sure I would finish in time for our County Fair. I got turned around and did almost a whole repeat knitting on the WRONG side of the shawl.

When I ripped that back I kept going down to a mistake that was bothering me. Total amount frogged was nearly 2/3s of the shawl. I almost started over but Sivia helped me find where I had stopped frogging. That let me just keep going instead of having to start over or even make another shawl/scarf pattern.

Here it is ready to block as soon as DH finishes my blocking frame. The orange stick is a yard stick. This is the small "scarf" version.


Blogger LUL said...

It looks great and will look even greater once blocked!

3:17 PM  

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