Monday, April 16, 2007

Presenting 'Carmen'

My new shawl hot off the needles this morning. It's been blocking in the gorgeous Cornish sunhsine all day. 'Carmen' is my own design and is knitted in Posh Yarn Sophia 4ply (100% cashmere). It's easy to knit and is worked from the back of the neck down. You start with just a few stitches and watching it grow is just amazing. I lvoe shawls worked in this way.

The shawl used 800 yds and is quite big (read huge) measuring 70in wide and 33 in high after blocking. Its photographed on a short UK size 10 model so looks particularly big. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near that tiny and I wanted a shawl I could drape around my large frame. I've seen so many lovely triangular shawls but they're more like scarves on me. Pattern is for sale on my blog and website if anyone's interested.



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