Saturday, April 14, 2007


Its a long story but now have two extremely large cones of lace weight yarn - I think maybe they were for machine knitting. The colors are beautiful, but they are 100% acrylic. I have never knit with acrylic yarn before. Will this knit a lace shawl the same as wool, alpaca or cashmere? It is certainly very soft... and the price was right as I was able to trade a bunch of bulky yarn I will never use for this... If anyone has any suggestions or comments for knitting with this yarn, I would appreciate it!


Blogger Cindy said...

You can knit shawls from this, but the blocking process is different. A wet block that works for natural fibers won't hold with acrylic. Instead you'll need to "kill" the acrylic with steam. If you have a Scunci Steamer, it works great for this, but a good strong steam from an iron works, too. Pin the finished shawl out dry, then give it a good steaming so that it's damp and let it dry. It should then retain it's shape. The advantage of acrylic is that you can gift the shawl to someone who may not be inclined to want to give natural fibers the handwashing care they need. :)

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