Friday, November 10, 2006

Have I told you lately that I love Lace.....

I finished my Shetland Triangle Shawl without tears.

The pattern was nicely straight forward and of course the Debbie Bliss yarn made it very very pleasant.

It started to rain for 4 days the second that I dunked it in it's bath to soak and the blocking was a magical process that I wanted to be finished as soon as I started to pin the shawl out.

The finished shawl is so lovely.

I can't imagine why I haven't done lace before. Luckily for me the hot weather hasn't really kicked in yet so I have been able to wear it out once before it gets bundled up with all the other winter clothes.

Now I am hunting around for my next project but I think I will go for a rectangular pattern this time.

Other photos and details can be found on my blog.


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