Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two Lace Shawls

Hi Everyone,
I have two lace shawls in progress in various stages, so thought I would share what I have so far. The first shawl is The Wendy's Fir Cone Wrap in Handmaiden Sea Silk, Woodland colorway. I have included a picture of this shawl because it is much further along. I have to say I absolutely love working with this yarn. It is just yummy, with excellent hand and drape. And the colorways are gorgeous. The pattern is easy to memorize and going along smoothly.
The second shawl is Miriam Felton's Seraphim, which I just started yesterday. No picture yet. I need to get further along on this so the pattern shows up better. I am using Jagger Spun Maine Line 2/8 Wool, which is a fingering weight, in Bottle Green. This is lovely yarn to knit with, as well. Now it's a fight to see which one I work on.
Love seeing everyone else's work. It's all so inspiring!
Happy Knitting,
Sue J.


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