Sunday, April 02, 2006

Checking In ... One Year Later + Knitting Podcasts

Has it been that long? How embarrassing!

My Russian shawl lace knitting project (see March 21, 2005) went so far ... and then sat. No fun working with that yarn, even as thin as it is, when it is hot or you are traveling and get hysterical thinking about what might happen if a needle got pulled out. The shawl was worked on "some" over Xmas, but it's one of those projects that you just can't "put" down in the middle of a section -- or I can't, anyway.

I set up a great Moleskine gridded notebook written pattern - by sections and rows -- so I can keep up with the different "sections" of the lace pattern. Have found it to be a great help rather than squinting at the copied pattern and wondering where I was. Those Moleskine notebooks are wonderful, and Molsekine fans even have those own website.

How do the rest of you keep track of complicated patterns?

Am determined to work on the shawl more: I am on row 107 with about 300 more rows to go. Yikes - sounds like I'll be doing this until WAY old age , but lest you think I'm a total dolt each row has 7 sections to keep track of, and with all those yarn overs not to drop on the row back, it's slow sometimes.

My major problem though is that I love doing a lot of other things when I'm not working. Have "found" podcasts, and have found kntting podcasts to download, so sitting and listening to those will hopefully help me get more kntting done! You can download the podcasts to load to your IPod (even if you have a PC) or you can listen to them on your computer.

Here's one podcast site URL to wet your appetitie (and forgive me if this is old news to this group)

Otherwise, I see you all are very busy knitting beautiful beautiful things. What a talented group of people!


Blogger Jan said...

Well before the new scanner/copier/printer, I frogged and cussed alot and frogged some more! Now I scan it, crop each section and enlarge, and print one copy more than the number of repeats that I need to do. As I work the pattern, I mark a line with a pen threw the row just completed.

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