Saturday, March 04, 2006

It's Me......AGAIN

Sorry the quality of the pic is so bad, but hey what I can say?

I am nearly back to where I was on my mom's black glitzy cruise shawl when I frogged the whole thing. I set the blending thread cone on top of the handle of the bathroom plunger. It allows it to freely spin and I don't have to either unroll it by hand or chase it around. Whew, unconventional maybe but it works great!

Again, I am sorry for the poor quality of the picture. I decided to go ahead and make another shawl. Maybe it'll be for my mom, maybe for one of my swap partners, who knows. Anyway, it's a self-fringing triangle shawl. Where's the fringe you ask? Well when you are done with the knitting you unravel back 5 stitches along the bottom edge to create the fringe. You cannot tell from this pic, but because of the yarn choice the shawl has a lacey feel to it even if it technically isn't lace. {Oh yes, you do have to use a ribbon yarn for this pattern.}


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