Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Introduction....and ...

Hi my name is Jan. I thought I had better introduce myself before I began posting about the shawl I am working on for my mother.

I am a SAHM of a 15 yr old son who is mildly autistic. Wife of a former merchant marine. Mother of 2 older sons: 22 and 19. (The 19 yr old was pretty much adopted when he was 18 mths old.) And the grandmother of a beautiful grand daughter who lives entirely too far away from me. My dh not only supports my yarn and knitting addictions, but he enables and encourages them!

I am fairly new to lace knitting. In fact my first successful lace project was a pair of socks for my dh that I made as my training project before the Knitting Olympics (KO). My KO project was a pair of rainbow knee high lace socks, and they pretty much ensured that I was now addicted to lace knitting. (I am working on getting the money and courage to use lace weight yarn for lace!)

My mother is the type that absolutely loves whatever I make her. She treats the items as precious gold, she stores them away to protect them and keep them safe from harm. This is frustrating when it's something that is made to be used! Last December for her birthday, I got so frustrated that I had to ask her what I could make her that she would actually use and not store away! (I crocheted her some red doilies as per request.)

Well recently my aunt won a friendship cruise for herself and two friends. She is taking my mom and dad with her. Now I remembered that two years ago when my parents took a cruise to Hawaai, mom stated that she wished she had taken a shawl to wear in the evenings when she was dressed up. I thought, hmmmm maybe I can convince her to USE a lace shawl.

So I left a message with my aunt--you see, my aunt would help to convince my mom to use it!--asking what shape/color she wanted her shawl. Long story short, my mother choose a rectangle lace shawl, black and silvery, with fringe and possibly some beads.

Please ignore the mess on the floor, and the horrid sofa, but here's a picture of my progress so far. I got the stitch pattern from Vogue's "Stitchionary", but otherwise I am making up the shawl pattern. I am using a silver 'blending' thread and "Paton's 'Grace" 100% cotton yarn. The yarn says use size 6 needles, so I am using a size 9 circ. The stitch pattern is large diamond lace.

Sorry to go on and on and on. Thanks for allowing me to join.


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