Sunday, June 12, 2005

I present to you...

A pound of Jaggerspun Zephyr. 16 ounces of silk/wool beauty. Almost three miles of the most scrumptious laceweight ever set upon this planet.

Heaven to knit... impossible to put down. I started on the Pacific Northwest shawl Thursday afternoon and by Friday morning, I'd almost finished the first part - seagulls. (Not the best picture as I had to use one arm and one foot to keep the needle from curling up - next picture I'll find a towel & pins rather than the top of the freezer.)

And yes, I did sleep between Thursday and Friday. No knitting all night for this girl! I mean, at least not on lace. Some felted projects have been known to keep me up all night....

By now (Sunday afternoon), I've finished the pine trees and am about to begin the sand dollars. This section of the pattern is only a couple of rows... should be finished by evening. Then the waves! *giddy giggle*

I have also been gifted with some stunning silk - it's quite fine and I have no idea what I want to do with it. How many shawls does a gal need, anyway? I have three shawls (and one stole) within reach of where I sit right now. (Quite a long reach in one case.) I have two shawls on the other end of the house and one still on the needles, plus the Pacific Northwest shawl which shall be a gift. Madness, this is.

(Updated pictures of the silk & the shawl will be on my blog sometime tomorrow.)


Blogger Bogie said...

"Almost three miles of the most scrumptious laceweight ever set upon this planet." Sounds wonderful!

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