Saturday, March 26, 2005

An update on me

More Shawl...

This thing is killing me!

It seems this is the only project I'm working on right now... I'm anxious to get it done too. I know I need to buy more yarn, so I'm thinking of ordering it from Jimmy Beans Wool and just getting two more skiens... I'd hate to hate it when it's done just because its too short to hang off me.

I've decided I like the striping.. I know, weird right? Someone said it reminded them of a nuclear sunset. And that kind of goes with the post apocolypticness of it... all six string samuri and all... Oh I forget who it was!! But thanks for saying it!

I'm also having trouble finding ribbon I like to go with the stripes its got going on. I've toyed with the idea of using Lions Brands Incredible, weaving two strands sort of countering each other. I can't find any other ribbon yarn I like that's reasonably priced, and I can't find any ribbon to match well either. We'll see when I'm finished.

And look at this...


A KNOT!! ARRR! I hate that! And its a variegated color!! It looks ok, but I was so pissed. It went from bright red to dark dark blue...

its ok...

... good thing its not horribly obvious.


Blogger Laura said...

How many yards did you buy originally? I bought 540 yards and am starting to get worried it won't be enough. I am going to see how many inches I can get done with the first ball and then decide if I'm going to continue. I don't want to make the whole thing and then never wear it cause it's too short either. I thought about trying to get some more, but it's handdyed (from I'd worry that the color wouldn't match up.

10:32 AM  

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