Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gossamer webs and more

Greetings: this is my first time for all of this -- KAL, blogs, etc so I hope to learn some things from the rest of you.

I'm knitting a Gossamer Web/Orenberg lace shawl and decided I'd better join a KAL to keep going... it's simple enough once you get the idea of the whole schematic, but slow knitting! I'm using the pattern from Piecework Mag Sept/Oct 2000 with white Douceur et Soie (mohair/silk, I think). For more info about this, look at

I'm enjoying seeing the types of yarns others are using! I haven't knitted in a while, so it's fabulous to see all these new, trendy and funs yarns on the market.

I have lots of questions though! What do you all use for stitch markers for these thinner needles we're all using (I assume!) ... the "small" markers are sort of big . Also, how do you all keep track of where you are in your patterns if you are using a chart? I seem to have to write out a chart with the rows numbers of "each section" and keep track of it that way; reading across the chart each time drives my eyes crazy, and then of course I am at a section (row 48) that just says work in border pattern, xxx inner zig zag pattern etc to row 300+ ... now you see how far I have to go!


Blogger JoHunter said...

Hi there, reading charts can sometimes be a big pain. What I do is photocopy the chart and use highlighters to mark the rows that I've done. When doing a section that repeats I like to use a row counter to keep track of them. After a while I find I can start reading the pattern, and there's less of a need to keep checking the chart. For stitch markers you could make some out of scrap yarn or twisty ties to fit the needles a bit better. Wish you luck on your shawl!

12:06 PM  
Blogger javede said...

I'm currently making my own stitch markers out of some wire and beads I have left over from the time I wanted to make my own jewelery(never actually made something ;-) )

I too would copy the pattern and make a colored vertical line every 5 stitches or so. That's also were my stitch markers would be.

2:26 PM  

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