Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Itsy Bitsy Spiderweb Capelet ...

If you're wondering who that person is who never posts, it's me! I'm so ashamed...but I decided to remedy that problem by posting today. And why not, when my lace is coming along so fabulously?

When I started this patter (the Spiderweb Capelet from SnB Nation) I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy lace knitting -it's my first lace project- but as soon as the pattern started appearing, I really got into it. Here it is, stretched out and pinned in all it's glory:
spiderweb lace

I just have to finish this pattern repeat, and then do the eyelet row. I was thinking that instead of the pompoms on the ties that they have in the original, I might substitute a few little beads on the ends of the ties. I think that it might look better given the lacier, thinner yarn I'm using (Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud courtesy of Danielle ;) ) and will save me from taking forever to make pompoms with teeny tiny lace yarn. I also thought I might add some sc crochet around the edges to give it a sturdier edge. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!



Blogger Melisa said...

Oh, I really like how this looks in the finer yarn! I think the beads are a great idea, too. Certainly more elegant than pompoms and they will be fun to choose.

7:40 AM  

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