Monday, April 25, 2005

It's ALIVE! Mwahah

My little capelet is done! Pictures are forthcoming, I promise. I just have to say it again, I loved knitting this pattern. Absolutely loved it! It's looking really light and gorgeous in the thinner yarn. All I have left to do is add the beads on the ends of the ties, and possibly add a line of sc crochet around the bottom and side edges. I already added some crochet on the top because it was looking a little weak and droopy. I ordered the beads from I chose glass beads all in shades of pink and crystal. I tried to post pics, but the links were being stubborn, so I'll have to use words (gosh darn it!) to try and convey how lovely these beads are. I ordered some small crystal swarovski beads, some transparent pink sead beads, and two gorgeous czech glass beads shaped like little maple leaves that are very VERY pale pink and case you missed it, those two are my favorites! ; )

I'm blocking the capelet tonight, so I should have pictures (minus the beads, which are still in the mail) tomorrow!



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